View Full Version : Large format Hologon 110mm

Arne Croell
2-Nov-2004, 12:32
For the REALLY serious lens addict with some $28000 or more pocket money ;-), check out this auction....

http://www.westlicht-auction.com/index.php?id=25204&acat=25204&lang=3 (http://www.westlicht-auction.com/index.php?id=25204&acat=25204&lang=3)

Its impressive to look at, but I guess I'll stick with my lowly Super-Symmar XL for 110mm ...

Arne Croell
2-Nov-2004, 13:45
Some extra tidbits of information: This lens was shown at the 1966 photokina together with a 210mm f/5.6 Planar, and a 500mm f/8 Tele-Tessar. All three lenses were designed for 5x7"/13x18cm. None ever made it into production.

J. P. Mose
9-Nov-2004, 13:41
Thanks for this information. I had never heard of this auction site before. A lot of interesting articles for sale. Most of all, thanks for leading me to the 5x7 Home Portrait Graflex! I bid on it and won. I have been looking for one but they are becoming harder and harder to find. This one is in great condition, only requiring some restoration work on the silver oxidized metal. Lens and Repro has a nice one with a 10" Pentac...a nice setup. However, I can't afford to spend $3,500. Hence, this auction came as a nice surprise.

Arne Croell
10-Nov-2004, 12:34
J.P., glad this was helpful(indirectly). Btw, the 110mm Hologon went for 27500 Euros or about 35500 US dollars at the present exchange rate. I assume this makes it the most expensive large format lens ever!