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Pete Watkins
2-Nov-2004, 12:11
I visited the Wolverhampton Fair on Sunday (in the UK Midlands). I bought a shutter, which I can only assume is some sort of studio shutter as it is obviously designed to be front mounted as there are three sort of grub screws that go through the shutter to clamp it to the front of a barrel lens. The manufacturers are Sands & Hunter Co Ltd London, there is a logo with the word "Luc" engraved into it and the number is 31297. I don't intend to sell it but any information anybody has on this shutter would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help,

Merg Ross
2-Nov-2004, 18:17
Years ago I adapted a Luc to work as a rear shutter on my Ansco 8x10. With minimal woodworking skills it can be done and will allow you to use some of the wonderful old barrel lenses.

Ernest Purdum
2-Nov-2004, 20:04
The Luc is a german shutter, made in Munich. The little symbol is a stylized version of the Munich Cathedral. Sands Hunter & Company, Ltd. did apparently make some shutters in the 1880's and '90's, but were the importers and dealers of the Luc, which probably dates from the 1920's or '30's.

Pete Watkins
3-Nov-2004, 11:09
Thanks for your help, I do intend to use it.