View Full Version : I want to make a aperture for my old brass lens.. how do I do it?

28-Jun-2014, 11:29
hi, I have old brass lens, Gruppen-Antiplanet 64mm lens, Steinheil in Munchen No38957 Patent.. see photo.. and I want to make aperture for it... how do I do it? :)

28-Jun-2014, 11:57
You have the slot for Waterhouse stops.

See this excellent thread:

28-Jun-2014, 12:02
thank you

Steven Tribe
28-Jun-2014, 14:17
The Waterhouse slot is well forward on the Antiplanets as the rear lens is very thick! You are lucky to have the original flange with engraving as they otherwise are difficult to identify. I don't thing the "64mm" refers to the focal length - more likely the width of the barrel inside!

This is a reisekamera lensboard and I suspect the format is at least 18x24cm - perhaps a lot more?

29-Jun-2014, 15:08
I prefer the "64mm" refers to the front glass' diameter.