View Full Version : 90mm F6.8 Angulon - Current Linhof Lensboard?

William D. Lester
1-Nov-2004, 07:57
I have an older 90mm F6.8 Linhof branded Schneider Angulon lens mounted in a Linhof recessed lens board. This older board requires the use of a threaded cable release unlike all of my other lenses which use the Linhof QR system. Is there a current Linhof lensboard that will fit this lens allowing the use of the QR system?

Bob Salomon
1-Nov-2004, 08:16
If it is in a 0 shutter yes, the 001016 if in Compur and the 001015 if it is in Copal.

Linhof has not made 00 boards for several decades if your lens is in that shutter.