View Full Version : schneider 38mm on a Horseman 45FA

31-Oct-2004, 04:44
Does anybody know if you can use a schneider 5,6/38XL on a Horseman 45FA with a 6x12cm back?

Bernard Languillier
31-Oct-2004, 06:11
Hi Till.

According to the chart found at this <A Ref=http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lenses/LF6x12cm.html>place</A> here on largeformatphotography.info

The diagonal of 6*12 is 132.4 mm, while the image circle of the 38 mm Schneider is 137 mm.

You should therefore be able to use it, but with virtually no movements at all.

Best regards,

Bob Salomon
31-Oct-2004, 06:19
"The diagonal of 6*12 is 132.4 mm"

That is the diagonal for the Linhof 6x12 back which is 56 x 120mm. The Horseman, Sinar and other 612 backs are quite a bit shorter then 120mm - closer to 111 or 112mm. So that lens on the Horseman back will have more movement then your calculation provides.

Armin Seeholzer
31-Oct-2004, 06:47
Hi Till

I really think you can not use a 38mm lens on the Horseman FA even the 55mm is not easy to work and to focus with on my HF the pre version of the FA!

Gem Singer
31-Oct-2004, 07:03
Hi Till,

The lens has an image circle that will cover 6x12. However, the camera will not be able to focus that lens at infinity.

Take a look at the specifications for the Horseman FA. The camera has a 60mm. minimum focus distance. There is a notation that the front opening of the camera will not allow a recessed lensboard larger than a 63mm. diameter. There is no ability to use a wide angle bellows on the FA. The lens is too short to be used on that camera.