View Full Version : Scanning negatives developed in Pyro

Mark Lipton
21-Oct-1999, 09:02
I have been considering developing film in Pyro. However, I am concerned that P yro development may adversely affect the quality of digital scans. I would appr eciate hearing from anyone who has experience with scanning Pyro developed negat ives. Thanks.

Howard Slavitt
21-Oct-1999, 23:23
Mark, I've done quite a bit of scanning; although only of color positives. The main thing to look out for is that you don't want too much contrast in whatever you're scanning. That's where any affordable scanner run into problems. Because negatives in general, however, are much lower contrast than positive, I suspect you'll be fine with whatever developer you u

Nze christian
22-Oct-1999, 09:02
I have scan some of my 8*10 PMK developed negative. I use a rotating scan and have no matter. I scan in B&W or in CMYK to have the yellow densities recorded. The enlarged transpancies I obtain are very nice.