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18-Jun-2014, 14:03
Here's a Google Earth file showing the location of sites that have been put on the National Register of Historic Places (http://www.nps.gov/nr/), managed by the National Park Service.



18-Jun-2014, 14:49
Anybody else got an issue with downloading an unknown file (.kmz?) from and unknown DropBox?

18-Jun-2014, 15:29
The link is to a file hosted on my personal dropbox. kmz is a Google Earth extension. You'll need Google Earth to open the file, which is free to download. This particular file, is made up of several regional kmz files made available from the NRHP website, so if you don't trust my link, but are interested in the locations, you can find them and download them from the NRHP site, which I provided a link to in my original post. Mine is just simplified in that it's all of them in one file; one can still turn on/off the regional groups displayed.


18-Jun-2014, 15:55
Now it is known.

19-Jun-2014, 06:19
if the places are "local" to where you live ( or not ) you can go to the shpo office ( or call them or email probably ) and ask for copies
of the national register form for whatever property you might be interested in. if a property is eligible for the NR a form is filed
and reviewed before the property is admitted to the national register. SHPO offices have survey/inventory forms as well as national register forms
for the properties ... and if you are interested in HABS/HAER/HALS type properties they have listings for them too ..

have fun

19-Feb-2015, 19:47
No problem here. I work with .kmz files regularly and share via DropBox. Thanks for this great resource!