View Full Version : how to clean a lens

dileep prakash
6-Aug-1999, 14:39
hi. I've got a Schneider 135 4.7 which has some spots of dust which seem to be insid e the first element from the back. Can anybody suggest what I can do to get rid of them.


sheldon hambrick
6-Aug-1999, 15:38
Remove the rear element from the shutter. If the dust is there clean if off. If it's between the elements:

- if it's small amount - don't worry about it

- if it's a lot and you feel adventurous, see if you can disassemble the rear cells (I wouldn't recommend it though)

- if you're not feeling adventurous, and still worried about it, send it to a professional

Michael Kadillak
6-Aug-1999, 17:23
I asked the same question a while back. Go to the older threads under lenses and you will see the question and the associated answers I got.