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13-Jun-2014, 14:53
I'm a big proponent of using gps technologies to locate interesting places. From time to time I will share with the LF forum some of my Google Earth waypoints. Below is a dropbox link to a Google Earth file I've prepared with the location of many waterfalls.

The data was collected primarily through the Northwest Waterfall Survey (http://www.waterfallsnorthwest.com/nws/), and the World Waterfall Database (http://www.worldwaterfalldatabase.com/), but also from my own sources, especially in Arizona and Puerto Rico.

There are thousands of waypoints in this file. One can transfer one or several of these waypoints at a time to a gps device by saving an individual or a set of waypoints as a kml file (while in Google Earth), then using a gps application (such as Garmin's Basecamp) to convert the kml file into a gpx file.

Here's the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fu1bflzgpg61mey/Waterfalls.kmz
For those not familiar with using Google Earth see my quick guide: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znrrpdwbu3z08wb/Google%20Earth%20Mini-Guide.pdf



13-Jun-2014, 15:43
Thanks for the links about waterfalls.

Right now (in June), ours in the PNW are hammering, torrential.

But even when calmer, the cascades in the Cascades are one of the best reasons for LFers to explore landscapes here.