View Full Version : cezanne Elite

11-Jun-2014, 02:45
Hello, hoping someone can help with some info. I have a Cezanne 5000 operating, and just recently managed to get a 5500, but scanner only, no mac or software or cables. I am aware the 5500 will not operate on CGv1, but was wondering if it was linked by the scsi chain if that would make a difference, or alternately, will the 5000 run on CGv2 via scsi chain with the 5500? Also, anyone have CGv2 they wish to sell? 5500 was bought as "not working" parts only condition, so not wanting to outlay too much more until I know it is working properly. Many thanks in advance for any help. Bruce

Peter De Smidt
11-Jun-2014, 07:30
Bruce, I've not heard of anyone doing that. I'm doubtful that it'd work. Hopefully, someone will know where you can get the CGv2 for the 5500.