View Full Version : ultraplast 1:9 / 600mm lens

edwin molenaar
26-Oct-2004, 04:05
I bought a learge lens a ultraplast 1:9 / 600mm lens and it says staeble-werk on the front of the lens does anyone know anything of a lens like this one. It's mounted in a large compound shutter.

Ernest Purdum
26-Oct-2004, 07:18
I took a look in the "Lens Collector's Vade Mecum" for you. It mentions the lens, saying that it appeared in a Burke & James listing, but that's all. I then went to B&J's 1963 list and there it is, coated, (very likely by B&J themselves) and shown as covering 11" X 14".

The Dr. Staeble Werk is or was a long-established Munich firm. More recently they have been makers of process lenses under various names. I think they have now been swallowed up (by AGFA?).

CP Goerz
26-Oct-2004, 10:55
Staeble made some very nice lenses including the Neoplast/Protoplast(Dagor Types) and others. The lenses I have seen from these guys were usually in sets where you changed the front cell from its bayonet mount and depending on the set you could make anything from a 105mm combo to a 3o0mm one. The set also had one tele as well, quite a complete and well thought out thing the lens you have may be the tele part of the combo.

CP Goerz