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7-Jun-2014, 11:38
I was pointed here from flickr.

I have a hand scribbled note for a two part developer. I have all the chemicals (I think), but the note is damaged. I can't find the formula on the web and don't remember where I got it.

Water (52C) 750 ml
Sodium metabisulfite 26.4 g
Sodium Hydroxide 11 g
Acorbic Acid 9.6 g
Phenidone 200 mg
Sodium bisulfite 6 g
***damage here, assuming just water to 1 liter

Water (52C) 750 ml
Sodium metabisulfite 22.6 g
Sodium Hydroxide 13.3 g
Boax 18g
Water to 1 liter

As to why this exact formula - This is what I have on hand and need a low contrast two bath developer. Diafine is currently out of my budget and wife tolerance ("What, more chemicals? Don't you have enough?")