View Full Version : rollfilm on SINAR F2 4x5"

Tom Alesch
7-Aug-1999, 18:54
I want to use rollfilm (6x6cm and/or 6x12cm) on my SINAR F2 4x5". The ZOOM-Back from SINAR would be perfekt, but I can't afford it. Does anyone know an other br and or solution?

Thanks, Tom

Larry Huppert
8-Aug-1999, 00:19
Try the Horseman roll film backs. For less than the price of a single Sinar zoom back, you could probably purchase Horseman 6x7, 6x9 and 6x12 backs. I don't believe Horseman makes a 6x6 unit. The Horseman units have a reputation for being very reliable.

Ellis Vener
8-Aug-1999, 00:36
Horseman or Toyo

Richard Stum / Kinesis
13-Aug-1999, 21:10
Horseman roll film backs may not work on a Sinar because Sinar does not have the standard Graflock back. You can slide in a Horseman back in like a cut film holder, but it may scratch the g roundglass because of the thickness. I use the Calumet 6x7cm roll backs. I have the old "Made in USA" back s which are very junky. The newer "Made in Holland" backs are suposed to be better. Whatever you do, don't p urchase a 6x12 Calumet back on the used market...they discontinued them because of serious film handling pro blems (i.e. BAD DESIGN).

Skot Weidemann
29-Oct-1999, 22:16
I have four 6x7 cm Calumet C2 "push-in" holders, which are delightfully convenient, but their quality is poor. (I don't know about the later models made in Holland, I assume because of their age, I have the made in America versions...two are metal bodies and two are plastic.) The counters have been troublesome over the years, I have had several repaired and several replaced. They still don't consistently space the frames enough apart and one of them I have a note taped on it to "wind arrow PAST the hole". The other problem with them is that the film plane (pressure plate) is NOT the same on any of them. It's okay if you shoot at high f stops to take up the slop in focus, but for critical work, I would't recommend them. I also have two Wista 6x9's and one Horseman roll back (the kind that are affixed on the back of my Sinar when the ground glass is removed). These holders are much more reliable for spacing, and film position/flatness, but they are tedious to use because you have to take the camera back off, stow it in a safe place, and then install the back for your shots. For these holders, you have to work harder to get your shots and leave a lot of "stuff" sitting on the floor (or the ground) while you're shooting.

I too...am searching for a convenient and quality film back. I have narrowed it down to three options. First: The Sinar Zoom II, which has a variable format option, but costs the most. Second: The Linhof 6x7 Rapid Rollex, which is way less than half the price of the Sinar, but is only one format. Third: Toyo 6x7 push in roll film holder. So far, I have only handled the Sinar Zoom, and quite frankly...I'm suspsect that ANY piece of equipment can do what it supposedly does and do it consistently and reliably. The Linhof looks attractive at least on paper and because of the compulsive quality conscientiousness of those German crafstmen, I can only assume it is a good piece, but it's only one format. The Toyo looks good on paper and is less than the Linhof (I believe...go look it up at B&H Photo, NY), but from the photo in the catalog, it looks quite THICK. That's all I know, so can anyone else give me some advice as well?