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6-Jun-2014, 16:49
Recently I've been playing around with a reflective enlarger for enlarging paper negatives and have a picture to share of a storage building in my yard. It's a straight print no burning/dodging tho it could use some LOL! It seems pretty sharp and doesn't display the texture normally gotten from contacting paper negs...
http://i820.photobucket.com/albums/zz128/blindpigetc/papernegshed_zps718a931d.jpg (http://s820.photobucket.com/user/blindpigetc/media/papernegshed_zps718a931d.jpg.html)

6-Jun-2014, 17:20
Don shared this image with me in person today. The sharpness is startling, almost film negative acuity, especially on things like the lattice in the far background and the wire arbor in the foreground. Very impressive.

6-Jun-2014, 23:54
reflective enlarger? I have put paper negs in the negative carrier emulsion side down and made enlargements. essentially the back of the paper becomes a diffuser and the lens is projecting the image of the negative down to the enlarging paper.

worked descent, I found some grain, especially in certain skin tones. But my paper negs arn't the best.

7-Jun-2014, 07:46
Looks excellent. What sort of reflective enlarger?

billie williams
7-Jun-2014, 08:18
Great results. Could you please elaborate on the reflective enlarger? Thanks!

7-Jun-2014, 13:13
The enlarger is a corrugated cardboard and coffee can, homemade prototype. Because it's working so well am planning on making another out of metal thinking it will last longer. There are pictures and description on the APUG site under paper negative group,"a different approach for enlarging paper negatives" thread by blindpig (that's me LOL!
Hope that helps,let me know if I can be of further help....

7-Jun-2014, 17:41
Or take your current prototype and set the cardboard with epoxy, the nautical mixes make wood stand up to heavy salt water environments and it doesn't get much more corrosive than that ;)

Fr. Mark
13-Jun-2014, 16:47
Is this much different from an opaque projector? I never considered using one for printing paper negatives and recently scrapped one for parts after pulling the lens for my 8x10 and maybe 11x14 projects. Only so much space...but I'm feeling pretty foolish right now...

Also, I could imagine scanning and inkjet printing as another path to enlarged paper negatives.

13-Jun-2014, 17:02
Pretty much a similar idea but maybe a little more flexible.I've tried the scanning and ink jet print but to me the photographic print offers more tones,a different look.
Guess it depends on what you like.