View Full Version : strange French metal flat bed 4x5 camera

Dan Fromm
6-Jun-2014, 05:16

Not mine and as far as I know I'm not acquainted with the seller. And I'm not going to bid on it.

Steven Tribe
6-Jun-2014, 06:05
Super design - might even be practical too.

Reminds me a little of that Italian maker - LuPa - from the 50's and, of course, the 13x18 cm Studio camera from Voigtländer in 1954. I love round lens boards and just won a 15x12" teak camera on "that place" with them.

6-Jun-2014, 08:01
Downright interesting! I have several Printex cameras which have round lens boards, surprisingly the same size as a CD.
I might just emulate the board shown in that FULUF camera.

6-Jun-2014, 09:49
Wow, cool! Neat design. The machining and overall look and feel remind me a lot of the Meridian 45A / 45B cameras.

6-Jun-2014, 09:58
Eccentric lens mount, looks very sturdy.

6-Jun-2014, 10:48
Looking to find out when a linhof technika iv was produced? 62756 is the serial number I think located on acessory shoe?

Jim C.
6-Jun-2014, 13:51
Very unique camera, I like how the front and rear standards protect the bellows when closed.
That lens mount that doubles for a rise and shift (?) must be a pain to use.