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2-Jun-2014, 15:13
Can you tell me exactly the outer thread size of the following B+W EW filters?

52 EW, 58 EW, 67 EW, 72 EW, 82 EW and 86 EW

I tried to make a search in internet, official B+W web included and I did not found any piece of info
about this.

Thanks in advance.

2-Jun-2014, 15:51
Often, I'll just go to B&H or Adorama, search for the item, then click the specifications link.

For example, at B&H, the "B+W 67mm UV Haze SC 010 extra wide filter" shows a front filter thread size of 82mm.

Hope this helps.

3-Jun-2014, 13:18
Thanks Heroique, of course your reply helps!