View Full Version : Copal Shutters-Where can I find them?

Thomas Ferko
7-Feb-1998, 14:58
I am looking for a good used working Copal O shutter. Does someone know where I might find one? Does anyone stock a variety of shutters alone? Need address or p hone number. I see many lenses advertized in shutters but never shutters alone. Contact: talltandj@aol.com

Andrew Herrick
7-Feb-1998, 21:52
Dear Thomas,

B&H photographics in New York sell mail order Copal shutters. A 'O' costs $179. Don't forget that it will come without aperture markings. You would need a lens technician to do it or send it to the manufacturer. I think this costs around $6 0, but I don't know for sure, you would have to check. Their website is www.bhph otovideo.com

As for second hand, try www.mpex.com or www.photoshopper.com/forum/main.html or www.buyersindex.com/brca/46.htm

Good luck


Ted Brownlee`
9-Feb-1998, 03:00
Steve Grimes has advertised his services in View Camera magazine as a photograph er's machinist. He has a website at http://www.skgrimes.com. One of the services he offers is "reshuttering" lenses, mounting barrel lenses in shutters and engr aving aperture scales. A good website, although he has not responded to an e-mai l inquiry I made a couple weeks back.

6-Jan-2004, 12:08
Yo tengo un Copal "0" Esta realmente nuevo, Pero necesita cambiar una pieza, exactamente es el chasis de aluminio del diafragma, osea el chasis frontal, el cambiarle la pieza es sencillo o no es problema, pero donde consigo yo esa pieza? Tal vez alguien tenga algun COPAL "0" que tenga roto el mecanismo de velocidad y le interese venderme o comprar el mio que esta nuevo si quieren visita mi web: www.photocanarias.com

Dan Fromm
6-Jan-2004, 13:26
Photocanarias wrote: "I have a Copal 0. It is quite new, but it needs to have a part replaced, the diaphragm's aluminum frame, or the front of the frame. Changing the part is simple, or no problem, but where can I find one? Perhaps someone has a Copal 0 that has a broken timing mechanism and would be interested in selling it to me or buying mine, which is new. If you want to visit my site, www.photocanarias.com"

I think I got it more or less right, folks, but I'm not sure what the part he needs is.

Angel, tal vez puede comprar un Copal 0 Press, como era usado en las camaras Polaroid CU-5, DS-34, y DS-39. Creo que sus piezas se cambiaran con elles de son obturador. Las camaras se offrecen frecuentamente en eBay, donde son muy baratas.


Bob Salomon
6-Jan-2004, 14:04
Copal is distributed by RTS in the US. They can help you.

Ernest Purdum
6-Jan-2004, 14:58
Copal shutters, both new and used, show up on eBay fairly regularly. The all black versions are newer than those with a chrome ring. "Press" type (self-cocking) types, many of them salvaged from Polaroid equipment or oscilloscope cameras, are much less expensive than the cocking models. Personally, I like self-cocking shutters for use on a camera that will never be hand held.

To find them, I like to go to eBay U.K., which, unlike the USA eBay, has a photography category. Go to advanced search, any country, and search shutter and shutters.