View Full Version : Arca Swiss 23B camera. What kind of back it has?

Alex Grecu
22-Oct-2004, 21:09
A few weeks ago I bought an older Arca Swiss 23B camera (the predecessor of the current 6x9 F-line). The back has a ground glass assembly that slides to the right without needing to unlock anything. The seller told me that it is a Graflok style back and it will fit Mamiya RB, Horseman or Arca Swiss roll film holders. I bought a Horseman 6x7,120 roll film holder but I just cannot fit it in the place where ground glass goes. Please help me to figure out what is wrong with my choice and what I can do about it. Thank you very much!
Pictures of the back and the holder can be seen here:



Emmanuel BIGLER
23-Oct-2004, 08:55
Greg. I've seen once at Arca Swiss International here in Besanšon a 6x9 camera similar to the one you've purchased. Unfortunately the camera I've seen was fitted with an old 6x9 rollfilm back and I have no idea whether the camera does accept the graflock/Horseman back or not.

What I would do in Northern America would be to place a phone call to Precision Camera Works in the US, they are the authorized service centre for Arca Swiss cameras ; they certainly know the answer.

From Europe I would simply place a direct phone call to Arca Swiss in Besancon, France. +33 3 81 85 40 60. "English Spoken !!"

Dan Fromm
23-Oct-2004, 15:41
Alex, the normal ordinary regular Graflok back as supplied by Graflex, Inc. has two sliders, one above the gate and the other below. To attach a roll holder or other accessory, move the sliders to the right or left so that their "inner" edges are as far apart as possible. Then put the accessory in the gate. Finally, move the sliders so their inner edges engage the accessory.

The picture in y'r first link shows a back with a fixed piece of metal below and a slider above. This makes me think of a Graflex back as was standard issue for Graflex SLRs. If you can't put the holder on the camera so that its bottom slides under the lower piece of metal and the slider holds it in place, you have a bad problem and should complain to the vendor at once.

Before complaining, check with Arca to find out how they intend accessories such as roll holders to be attached.

Good luck,


Kerry L. Thalmann
23-Oct-2004, 17:10

I can't tell for sure from the photo on the auction listing, but that doesn't look like a Grafloc back to me. It looks more like the slide in style back used on some of the older European 6.5x9 and 9x12 plate cameras (Voigtlander Avus, Patent Etui, etc.). Many of the Plaubel view cameras (both 6x9 and 9x12) use backs of this type instead of the much more common Grafloc style backs. If this is indeed the case, one roll film back to look for would be the one made by Rada.