View Full Version : Nagaoka serial numbers

Steve Goldstein
29-May-2014, 16:32
I have a Nagaoka 4x5 that seems to have two different serial numbers. The number "22" is stamped on the two metal pieces that hold the rear standard to the base, while the number "30" is stamped on the wooden focusing bed (the piece that moves fore and aft as the camera is focused). It strikes me as odd that there are different numbers - the camera seems all original and the fit and operation of all the parts is quite good. I really like this nice lightweight camera, and despite its more limited extension and movements I use it more frequently than my Shen-Hao HZX-45AII.

Do the numbers on your Nagaoka match? Inquiring minds need to know.

Oren Grad
29-May-2014, 17:02
My 5x7 Nagaoka has the number "3" carved into the wooden focusing bed and the number "1" on the metal bed brackets.

I doubt that these are serial numbers in the usual sense (i.e., serving as a unique identifier for a complete camera). Perhaps they were used to help keep track of certain parts during production.