View Full Version : Old Deardorff V8 rebuild rear standard question

28-May-2014, 12:58
I am working on a very old, and poorly stored V8 camera.
Most of the screws are rusted through...

I have taken the camera apart, but have a hard time understanding how to remove the rear standard stay screws.
This is the screw which goes through the center of each side of the rear standard, and has a locking nut which locks down the tilt of the standard on the tilt braces.

I understand there is a safety to prevent the nut from coming loose and getting lost, but for the life of me cannot figure out how to get it off so i can get the whole thing apart...?


John Koehrer
28-May-2014, 13:51
I had a 5X7 DD. The knobs are retained by deformed threads at the end of the shaft.
The best way to clean them is using a die of the correct size. Because it's an American camera the threads are
common US sizes and a die is inexpensive.
The same method for all the knobs on the camera.

28-May-2014, 15:08
Got it thanks!

Tracy Storer
28-May-2014, 22:28
Yes, they "peened over" the threads on the ends of the shafts to keep knobs captive. PITA for restorers, but a joy to never lose a knob !