View Full Version : Old Chemicals

28-May-2014, 07:44
I was just given a box of old Kodak chemicals, the powdered packages. I was wondering how long they last. Also a bottle of Kodak fixer, I think its from the 80's would it be still good, or just toss it.

28-May-2014, 08:53
If the developer powder has not turned brown, try it and see. Same for the fixer; see what your clearing time is.

28-May-2014, 08:59
I have an opened bag of D-76 I acquired 2 years ago. Not sure when it was opened. The powder is still white. So I weighted the bag, compared with the weight from a full bag and mixed the chemical. The solution is as good as I can expect.

Liquid concentration lasts a long time. I have a bottle of very old (20-30 years?) Ektaflo paper developer and I'm still using it.

It is a different story with color chemicals.

Greg Davis
28-May-2014, 09:04
I was given a box of unopened packages of Kodak Selectol a few years ago. They were the paper type packages and all the developer was brown and unusable.

That being said, I am working on a project and I need old packages of chemicals and film/paper, so if you decide to toss them out, send me a pm and I will pay for postage to send them to me for inclusion.