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25-May-2014, 00:40
Does anyone know where to find curves and other data for the following old color films?

I'm particularly interested in finding for;
All the old Ilford color films
Kodak Monopack circa 1950
Kodak Monopack circa 1955 and
Technicolor Monopack from the late 40s through the 60s

Any help would be appreciated!

I've contacted Ilford, with no reply to either request. I may need to send a real letter. There was little information available from APUG, either. Although someone gave me a good link for old references.


29-May-2014, 16:31
For information regarding old Ilford color films (e.g., DuFaycolor, Ilfochrome & Ilfocolor) see: http://www.photomemorabilia.co.uk/index.html. For technical information regarding nonspecific monopack films (e.g., Kodachrome and Kodacolor), see the "Kodak Color Dataguide" (you can find old editions for reasonable prices on eBay), or the "Photo-Lab-Index" by Morgan & Lester Publishers, New York. These are somewhat harder to find. If you live near a university, try their library. If not, here are two options: (1) send me a private message with your email address clarifying exactly which films you are after and I will scan and send you pages from my edition of the Photo-Lab-Index if my edition contains the information you want; or (2) consider purchasing your own copy of this reference book. Here is one that might be about right for the period you're interested in: http://www.bonanza.com/listings/-PHOTO-LAB-INDEX-1953-Henry-M-Lester-Morgan-and-Lester-Publishers/141375645?gpid=21297750541&gpkwd=&goog_pla=1&gclid=CKrZqp-h0r4CFZFufgodx08AHA. (Please note that I am not the seller, and that I neither know nor endorse the seller). I have very little information in my library regarding Technicolor Monopack film. Perhaps you may find something useful among the references cited here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technicolor - or you can try asking here: http://www.cinematography.com/. Good luck.

N. Riley

30-May-2014, 23:14
... the "Photo-Lab-Index" by Morgan & Lester Publishers, New York.

I just ordered one from 1952. It's 2 three ring binders and supposed to be in excellent condition. I can't wait to get it.

The site you referred to for color film didn't have any technical specs, so I'll wait for the book to arrive and move on from there.

Thank you!

6-Jun-2014, 04:14
Well, I received the book today. Excellent resource in excellent condition. Unfortunately, there was no curves data for the films and slides, and nothing on Ilford films at all.

Back to the search, at least in between reading the vast wealth of other information contained in this great book!