View Full Version : Schneider Super Angulon/Center Filter

Johnny L. Johnson
21-Oct-1999, 20:28
I am thinking of buying a Schneider Super Angulon for my newly acquired 8X10. The lens is single coated I don't think that will be a problem. However it does not come with a center filter. My concern is that with this lens it may have a less than suttle impact on the quality of my images. Can a person with some personal experience with thi s lens share some insight on this topic.

Johnny L. Johnson
21-Oct-1999, 21:55
Excuse the subtle spelling error above. Oh yes the lens in question is the 165mm f8 hope thats more helpful.

Ron Shaw
22-Oct-1999, 11:20
Check here: http://www.schneideroptics.com/large/super_angulon/daten.html

Bill Glickman
1-Nov-1999, 04:55
I use several of Schneider ND center filters on their lenses, and although they cost as much as most lenses, they perform wonderfully, be sure to buy the right one, and I find that the recommended stops offered by the directions have been right on.. 1.33 stops to 2.0 for the 90mm. In 8x10, the ND filters I consider mandatory... in 4x5, if I use movements, they are a must!

Roger Urban
5-Nov-1999, 16:54
The SA 165mm is a mighty fine lens.

You didn't mention concern for weight and size. If they are importantyou might w ant to consider the Schneider 150mm XL.