View Full Version : Back came off camera

23-May-2014, 19:55
The back came off my camera, a Calumet 4x5 and I am not sure hoe=w to put it back on. Appears the hooks are not connected to the spring???

23-May-2014, 20:43
Google is your friend.

This one is also a good instruction manual for any view camera with front and back swings and front and back rise and fall:


Here's a magazine review from 1962. The camera was $89.95 out the door...


MIke Sherck
24-May-2014, 07:13
We'll need pictures in order to be of much help.

John Kasaian
24-May-2014, 07:26
Which model Calumet?

Tracy Storer
24-May-2014, 09:54
Check this out to see if you are having the same problem.
If so, I posted instructions on how to fix it. (and don't pull the back out that far again)


25-May-2014, 06:18
Yes Tracy this is exactly the case, thanks