View Full Version : Where to buy Photographers' Formulary TFX-2 in Europe????

18-May-2014, 14:24
where to buy it and what alternatives do I have if it's not available over here???

Domingo A. Siliceo
19-May-2014, 00:02
Not sure.

I've looked at where I normally look for, but I didn't found TFX-2 in none of the shops. Maybe there is a fixer with the same recipe but other name... I don't know. Anyway, if you can't find it, talk with Aurélien at Labo-Argentique (http://labo-argentique.com/) in France, with Wolfgang Moersch at Moersch Photo-Chemie (http://www.moersch-photochemie.de/content/lang:en) in Germany or with Roberto Carbajo (https://www.facebook.com/josefsudek) in Spain.

19-May-2014, 03:25
is it the fixer? or the formulary recipy of the developer FX-2 from geoff crawley?

if it´s the fixer: just do it! buy chemicals and follow the formula, i have my own formula and it works :)

if it´s the acutance developer... well pinacryptol is off

19-May-2014, 03:38
It was about the developer. So I can't buy it in Europe any more?! How about delivery from the US? Anybody tried that?

19-May-2014, 06:43
You can find PF FX-2 in Italy. here:

19-May-2014, 08:00
Dario Struzzi and his Westernphoto shop is among the best places for photo chemicals in the EU. Highly recommended.

19-May-2014, 08:40
Thank you for the tip. Will look it up.