View Full Version : Horseman L45 with horseman 6x9 roll film back

17-May-2014, 09:05
i have just purchased a horseman L45. i was wondering if i need any other parts to fit the horseman 6x9 roll film back and if i have to take the ground glass off to fit the roll film back?

17-May-2014, 09:15
Assuming that the roll film back was made for attaching to a 4x5 camera, then all you have to do is slide the groundglass back off and attach the rollfilm back using the sliding latches.

17-May-2014, 09:17
its this one that i plan on buying. please could you have a quick look?

17-May-2014, 09:19
No extra parts needed. You are good to go.
You do have to remove the GG to fit the 6x9 roll film back.

17-May-2014, 09:22
awesome thanks guys! on another note anyone know where to get the boxes you store a 4x5 monorail camera in