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QT Luong
18-Oct-2004, 21:08
A new article by Joel Barrow, Wista RF review (http://largeformatphotography.info/cameras/wista-rf/)
has been posted. Please feel free to leave any contructive comments in this thread.

Oren Grad
19-Oct-2004, 00:26
The biggest question I have about the RF has to do with the rangefinder. It is said that the Wista RF is designed for use with Nikkor W lenses - see, for example, the "features" tab in the product listing for the RF on the B&H web site. But how accurate is the rangefinder when used with lenses from other vendors that match the nominal focal lengths - 135, 150, 180 - for which the rangefinder is specified?

It seems to me there are two issues here. It ought to be straightforward to reset the infinity stops if necessary to adjust for different flange-to-film specifications. The cam slope might be a trickier matter if the actual focal length of, say, Rodenstock's 135 is in fact significantly different from that of Nikon's. Is there any provision for reversibly adjusting cam slope, or would you have to physically carve the coupling surface, the way you have to with the interchangeable cams for a Horseman VH-R or, so far as I understand it, a Technika?

Bob Salomon
19-Oct-2004, 09:41
From the Wista RF instruction book:

"The flange distance of the 45RF camera is pre-set for Nikkor 135mm, 150mm and 180mm lenses. When using other lenses re-adjustment is required. Re-adjust the stops (infinity stops) to match the infinity focus of your lens and lock it with a screw driver. There is no need to readjust the yellow stops as it is a spare."

Note: You can only couple 135, 150 and 180mm lenses. Unlike the Technika cams are not cut to the lens by focal length and serial number. They are only cut to those three focal lengths and the only adjustment for lenses other then the Nikkors is to reset the infinity stops.

On the Linhof you should not reset the infinity stops as this will leave dimples on the chrome track from the sharply pointed locking screws Linhof uses. The cam should be matched to the lens on the Technika by focal length and serial number. This results in a much wider range of coupled lenses for the Linhof fro 75 to 360mm without the need for a specific brand of lens.

Oren Grad
19-Oct-2004, 12:15
Bob -

Thanks - that's very important and helpful information.