View Full Version : Heliopan filter threads, 86mm pol

Steve Hamley
18-Oct-2004, 12:41
Question for Bob S. if hes out there or if anyone knows:

I need a slim polarizer to go on the front of a Schneider IIIb center filter which has 86x1 threads. Will the Heliopan 86mm SH-PMC Circular Polarizer Glass Filter Slim work? What size threads does it have?



Bob Salomon
18-Oct-2004, 16:16
It has 86mm threads. The slim polarizer has male threads only.

However, it soulnds like you are going to use this on a wide angle type lens. If so be aware that on shots with sky in it you will get banding in the sky due to the natural polarization of areas in the sky if you shoot the scene with a polarizer on a wide coverage lens.

Steve Hamley
18-Oct-2004, 16:36
Thanks Bob!

Blue sky, what's that? (Lives in East Tennessee near Smokies).