View Full Version : B & J broken View Screen

Gregory david Stempel
7-Aug-1999, 04:40
Last night I managed to punch a hole in the viewing screen of my Burke and James "Orbit" Studio 4x5_frwn

Anyone know of a source for replacements?

Appreciate any feedback, and take care out there. Gregory david Stempel FIREFRAME IMAGING

Jim McD
8-Aug-1999, 09:21
Try Steve Shuart (1-800-458-6092 www.stephenshuart.com), he has old parts a nd ok advice

Erik Ryberg
14-Aug-1999, 13:28
It's excruciatingly easy to make your own ground glass. Go to a window shop with the dimensions, and while you are there pick up a larger piece of scrap glass, at least 8x10. Clamp the larger piece of glass to a table. Use boards on the clamp so the glass doesn't break.

Now get some valve grinding compound from an auto parts store. Costs about 2 bucks. Put a teaspoon or so on the glass, water it down a little bit, and take your 4x5 piece in your hands and move it over the grinding compound in a circular motion. In ten or fifteen minutes of gentle grinding on one side you will have a perfect ground glass.