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14-May-2014, 08:46
Traveling to NY City this summer to see friends and take Albumen workshop at Center for Alternative Processes. Anyone stay at Pod 39 Hotel? Any other hotel recommendations?

bob k.

14-May-2014, 09:44
I have stayed at the POD in NYC several times and it was fine. Shared bathrooms and lots of young people bring a good energy to the place. I'd stay there again.


14-May-2014, 14:24
I'd check out air b&b for sure.

14-May-2014, 14:48
Thank you.

14-May-2014, 18:25
The few times I stayed at a hotel in the City I stayed at the Empire hotel at Lincoln Center. Very nice with a rooftop bar.

David Schaller
14-May-2014, 18:42
The Roger Smith, near Grand Central, is sometimes a good deal, and has always been pleasant. (Also has a rooftop bar.)

Scott Davis
14-May-2014, 19:06
The MAve is nice, just off Madison Square Park on Madison & 27th for budget-ish accommodations. A little more expensive but well worth it is the Park Central on 7th between 55th & 56th. They just finished a multi-year multi-million dollar renovation including a new dining room and lobby, and complete overhaul of all the rooms, which are large by Manhattan standards.

David A. Goldfarb
15-May-2014, 03:49
I've put guests up in the POD39 a number of times, and they do have rooms with en suite bathrooms. Rooms are small but very well designed, very clean and modern. If you don't need a big room and just plan to sleep at the hotel and get out into the city, I recommend it.

Jim Andrada
24-May-2014, 00:06
Something to look into - if you belong to a college (or other) club, there are usually reciprocal clubs in other cities for a lot less than you'd pay for equivalent accommodations in a regular hotel. It's the main reason I joined my college alumni club as a remote (ie live far away and pay less for membership) member. Manhattan still isn't cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but I get better rooms at a third of what the hotel down the street charges.

4-Jun-2014, 11:27
I haven't thought of the Empire Hotel in 35 years. I used to spend the occasional weekend there in the mid-1970s, attending standing-room at the Met Opera across the street. I suppose they have upgraded it since then...I remember bathtub with feet.

William Whitaker
5-Jun-2014, 07:19
I've stayed at both of the first two offerings on Penumbra Foundation's resources page (http://http://penumbrafoundation.org/education), Leo House and Seafarer's & International House. Each was adequate and reasonably comfortable. I was able to get a private bath both times. Make your reservation early!