View Full Version : History of the Burke and James

Gregory david Stempel
7-Aug-1999, 04:37
I have a very mint (well one problem just ocurred, see associated question) larg e Burke and James "Orbit" studio model 4x5. It has a lot of chrome, full movemen t and revolving back. The lense appears to be the original but I am not sure...a 180/6.3 Commercial-Astagon 7 1/8" SN# 89182. The small plaque says it was made by Burke and James in Chicago.

Can anyone tell me about this camera?? Quality of lense, construction and value?

Appreciate any feedback, and take care out there. Gregory david Stempel FIREFRAME IMAGING

Chris Hansen
7-Aug-1999, 11:02
Gregory. I would check Ebay for completed items to get a generalidea of the worth of your camera.http://roundtable.cif.rochester.edu/~ardavis/history/kingslake. html and chech the above URL for the history of your camera. Good light to you C