View Full Version : Frankenstein Camera - Kodak View Camera Model B with Goerz Anschultz Shutter - Help!

10-May-2014, 06:47
I must have been mad when I bought this abomination of a camera... but couldn't resist the Pentac and yet another restoration project! It's a Kodak View Camera Model B with the focal plane shutter of a Goerz Anschultz camera very badly attached to the front! Amazingly the front standards of the Kodak have been completely sawn through to allow access to the knobs on the shutter but it's quite difficult to see the settings on the dials. I'm a little reluctant to play around with the shutter too much in case I break it! So I wonder if anyone here would be able to explain how to change the settings and/or share a link to a manual?

Thank you in advance!

10-May-2014, 15:40
PM user manx-eric he has a Goerz anschutz camera. He is trying to rebuild the focal plane shutter on his camera. Yoo could probably exchange pictures and help each other out.

Link to his post

10-May-2014, 17:04
Thank you MMELVIS... your suggestion is greatly appreciated! I will PM manx-eric to see if he's made any progress with his own project and also to see if he can help me with my shutter settings.

Steven Tribe
11-May-2014, 06:56
Anschultz or Ango shutter is a source of much frustration and wasted hours! I speak from own experience as well!

If you search for "Ango" Ash's thread will appear. There are no diagrams available.

12-May-2014, 01:47
Oh dear! That's rather discouraging to hear Steven! I'll tinker away at it anyway without expecting too much! Thank you! :)