View Full Version : A 210mm lens for the Busch Pressman D?

16-Oct-2004, 16:58
Do any of the modern Plasmat type 210mm lenses go on the Busch when closed? I'd love to be able to use a Multicoated Symmar-S. My old 8.25 Dagor would be perfect except that it's in an Ilex shutter too big for the lensboard. I may have to settle on a 203 f:7.7 Ektar in Supermatic shutter -- not bad but just a little short and slow.

Darin Cozine
17-Oct-2004, 00:42
210 Symmar in a folded busch pressman?!

Definate no.

BTW, I had modify my busch just to get the lens to fit in the camera. Though I've heard others did not have this problem.

I doubt anything at 210mm f:5.6 will fit in the camera folded. The Geronar f6.8 might fit.

I dont see how the 203mm ektar can be 7mm short for your needs. I think it is a perfect match for the pressman.

OH, if anyone has any broken or damaged symmar lenses they want to sell cheap/donate to a poor photographer, please send me an e-mail.

darinwc (at) yahoo.com

Darin Cozine
17-Oct-2004, 02:39
Actually I just checked the schneider site and the latest version of the Xenar, a 210mm f6.1 version, looks like it will fit. You probably wont find one of these on the used market, though.

The older xenars were mostly a f:4.5 version. I have a 150mm f4.5 which is sharp, but limited coverage. But the older 210mm xenars came in copal #3 shutters.

Jim Galli
17-Oct-2004, 10:52
A Schneider 210 G-Claron is VERY small but the f9 max is difficult for some folks. Indoors it can be a bear. Nikkor f8 200mm is also excellent. If you spot a Caltar Pro that is f6.1 it is the Schneider Xenar, and they are very nice. Both Xenar and Nikkor are tessar which deviates from your question. G-Claron is plasmat.

3-Feb-2012, 16:22
I am presently using a Geronar 210mm 6.8 in my 4x5 Pressman and am quite happy with the results. With Fuji 125mm as a "normal lens" combo. Works great for me. Sorry if it doesn't qualify technicaly, but both close up fine. Just noticed OLD post but maybe someone will find value to my comment.