View Full Version : Help! Packard shutter keeps closing!

9-May-2014, 16:06
I have a board-mounted Packard shutter (dual type with two pistons, one for fast and one for timed exposures) on my Century Master camera. The problem is that I am having a heck of a time trying to keep it in the "open" position in order to compose and focus. Yes, I have a bulb with a hole, but I have to try at least 20 attempts, releasing my thumb *ever* so slowly, to keep it from shutting. Then, the slightest vibration will trigger its closing once again. Very frustrating. I am guessing that there isn't enough friction between the inner cylinder(s) and the cylinder housing from which it slides up and down. The inner cylinder(s) slide down too easily, even without sucking pressure.
Any thoughts as to how to adjust it so that it behaves properly? Driving me crazy...