View Full Version : Copal Press 0 vs. Copal 0

Glenn Kroeger
16-Oct-2004, 16:30
I have been using Copal 0 and 1 shutters for many decades, but I have a chance to buy a recently manufactured Rodenstock lens that is in a Copal Press 0 shutter. I am in for any mean surprises? Any significant difference in accuracy or reliability?

Dan Fromm
16-Oct-2004, 18:20
Top speed 1/125, otherwise no significant differences. And, of course, self-cocking, so handy for multiple pops.



ronald lamarsh
16-Oct-2004, 18:42
I to have been curious about this as i just had a 240mm G-Claron mounted in a copal press#1 and was wondering if there were any drawbacks. Top speed on mine is 1/150th which considering most exposures,if not all, will be much longer than that isn't a drawback. I did wonder if anyone has ever experienced increased vibration problems though considering the power and long stroke of the cable release to cock and fire one of these beasts.

Ernest Purdum
16-Oct-2004, 20:33
Personally, I prefer self-cocking shutters for cameras which will never be hand-held. I don't think vibration is much of a problem, but shake may be. You can reduce the possibility by using a rubber bulb with a deGroff piston.