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9-May-2014, 03:27
I recently bought a Copal 3 lensboard from an ebay seller I had used in the past. The board was for my Calumet C1, so a basic 6x6 board with lip on rear (like Deardorrf) and it had a recess cut for a flange or retaining ring.

The board has been a disaster, I had to sand it to fit the C1 as it was too thick, and today when I fitted my schneider 300mm symmar S lens, I discovered that the copal 3 hole is a few mm too big.
This means I can't use the retaining ring the correct way round because it just fits straight through the hole in the board.

I got around this temporarily, by inverting the ring and when it's turned wrong-way-round there's a slight lip at the top which is just wide enough to grip the inside of the board-just. But this means I had to hand tighten the ring rather than using a spanner, as there are no spanner holes on the 'wrong' end, and the whole thing is a little unsatisfactory and unstable.

Can anyone suggest a solution via a flange or space of some kind, and perhaps point me to where I can find one? I have posted a wtb for a proper C1 board, but in the meantime I need a fix to put my mind at rest.

I seem to remember with another schneider lens I had, that there was a second cylindrical 'spacer' which the retaining ring fitted in which, I imagine would do the trick.

Thanks, D..

9-May-2014, 04:28

How about making a washer for it? A quickie cut out of cardboard might do the trick. Watch out for light leaks, though.


9-May-2014, 04:39

How about making a washer for it? A quickie cut out of cardboard might do the trick. Watch out for light leaks, though.

yup, I'm going to have to do something and field-test it, I've got the first pop-studio shoots coming up on Monday

9-May-2014, 10:12
This is the third such thread recently. I suspect your board is actually correctly sized.
You can see the normally used spacer in the pictures of the first thread.

I had a copal 3 board arrive with a smaller hole to be used without the spacer and found that the aperture ring fouled with the (Tech) lens board to camera attachment mechanism. It was necessary to enlarge the hole and use the spacer to be able to freely adjust the aperture.
But you should be OK with the larger board ( and smaller hole)that way.
See here
there may be the correct one here

John Koehrer
11-May-2014, 11:30
For a temporary fix(!) remove the flange and wrap the threads with gaffer tape and make it a press fit. I've seen that others use this as a permanent solution. Euwww.
At least you can test the lens