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8-May-2014, 05:34

I need advice for developing Tmax 400 with PMK.
What time for N ? N+ and N-1, N-2 ? for a roll of 135/120 or 2 sheets of 4X5.

Thank you


Peter Lewin
8-May-2014, 07:18
From the digitaltruth development chart database: http://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=TMax+400&Developer=PMK&mdc=Search&TempUnits=F

This should give you a starting point, but based on your water conditions, etc., your final development time may differ slightly. For example, I use Ilford HP5+ and PMK, and my personal development time does not match any chart or info sheet exactly, but its close.

Drew Wiley
8-May-2014, 08:41
My personal times for TMY PMK @ 20C/68F for either tray dev or hand-inversion tanks (not rotary processing): N: 14min, N-1:12min, N+1: 16 min

8-May-2014, 13:18
Thank you Drew. Do you rate the film at 250 iso ?

Drew Wiley
8-May-2014, 16:14
No. I rate if atf ull box speed (400) with PMK, and still get very good shadow differentiation clear down into Zone I. But with TMY, it is always very important to
meter what's down there in the first place, and not rely simply on midtone readings in high-contrast scenes. The toe is quite steep, then a long straight line. But that's one of the things I really like about it. In softer lighter, you obviously have a bit more latitude for error. But even when I'm snapshooting TMY in a Nikon rather than using a view camera, I still carry a handheld spotmeter.

8-May-2014, 22:33
Your answer is very helpful and it is good to know that this film can be used at its nominal speed.
I always measure with a spotmeter then I think there won't be any problem for the shadows.


9-May-2014, 06:48
I use it at 250 and 14 minutes. I expose for the shadows and don't worry about the highlights since PMK is compensating. Agitation makes a big difference in time and contrast with this combination.

9-May-2014, 12:09
From The Book of Pyro:

PMK w/TMY 400 (EI 400) @21C (70F):

N+3 28m
N+2 21
N+1 18
N 15
N-1 13
N-2 12
N-3 10.5

I don't shoot TMY, so I have no personal film speed rating.

Drew Wiley
9-May-2014, 16:10
I think Hutching's table pertained to older TMY rather than the current version, which is slightly different in terms of times, but only slightly.