View Full Version : Can you help IDENTIFY these lenses?

7-May-2014, 14:45
Bought these lenses as part of a box lot and I am having trouble identifying them. One is a brass 8 inch lens with f stops ranging from f8 to f64. It seems to cover my 8x10 camera but that's all I really know about it. No makers marks, no other identifying marks. The other is a 6 inch f5.6 Dallmeyer Dallon Tele-Anastigmat. It has a threaded mount but no focusing ring. What kind of camera did this lens come from? How was it used? Any and all information abut these two mystery lenses would be appreciated. Thanks.

Steven Tribe
8-May-2014, 03:32
A 6"" Dallon F5.6 must be for a very small format.

Lens VM says:

9in to suit: 2.5x3.5in
11in 4.25x3.25in
12in 4.25x3.25in
14in P.Card
17in 6.5x4.75in

The light finish aluminium is an adaptor for a specific small format camera (35mm?).

The other one is a well-made anon. Rapid Rectilinear - of which, thousands were sold to save a little on the premium prices of Dallmeyer etc.