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4-May-2014, 15:40
Looking to meet my sisters on the coast in mid- July. I'm a bit partial to the less developed southern coast, but one sister will fly in to Portland and the other drive from Seattle, so it would be nice to keep driving to a minimum and maximize time out of the car. Teenage kids will be involved.

Of course I'd like to fit in some photography, but the highest priority is just nice beaches and maybe things like lighthouses and slightly inland forest trails and such.

Help with ideas is much appreciated!

PS I have guidebooks and maps, so detailed directions not needed unless you want to bother.

Peter Gomena
4-May-2014, 15:49
Manzanita, Arch Cape, Cannon Beach (crowded and more expensive), Seaside (crowded and extra touristy), Netarts, Oceanside come to mind. Make reservations ASAP. Prices go up during summer. There are many vacation rental cabins available, look online.

4-May-2014, 17:44
If you need a break from sea and sand, drive a little East!

The Columbia River gorge is quite a blessing for being so close drizzle or shine.

Giant forests, cascading waterfalls, river bluffs of volcanic rock. :D

Richard Wasserman
4-May-2014, 18:33
We rented a house on the beach at Pacific City 3 years in a row. It was quiet (except for the Pelican Pub) and we had a great time exploring up and down the coast. At the time the Grateful Bread restaurant had one of the best pie bakers anywhere. I seem to remember that the sun even came out for a few minutes each year...

Peter Gomena
4-May-2014, 20:50
Gosh, I didn't mention Pacific City. It is off the beaten track. Lots of hiking available at Cascade Head a few miles south and at Whalen Island in the Sandlake estuary and Cape Lookout to the north.

Pete Suttner
5-May-2014, 06:48

5-May-2014, 06:54
Thanks - keep them coming!

Heroique - the gorge definitely crossed my mind. I'll suggest it, but they may have just the ocean in mind...

Drew Wiley
5-May-2014, 08:42
I lived in Tillamook a couple of summers. Wet most of the time, but wonderful uncrowded beaches. Astoria can be even wetter, but talk about a cute town! If it gets too rainy too be out shooting, plenty of nice non-touristy little cafes and used bookstores. Lots of lovely Victorians houses, and a real old-time downtown. Quite photogenic without any artificial fluff. Portland can sometimes be muggy that time of year, but otherwise makes a good base to explore the Gorge or Hood River Valley. Just always keep a raincoat handy, as well as a waterproof darkcloth or umbrella.

Richard Wasserman
5-May-2014, 09:04
Plus Astoria has the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and some fine craft beer.