View Full Version : which type of kodak film is it??

1-May-2014, 19:10
I don't have much film experience, and to date, have only shot Ilford fp4. I bought some used film holders and went to inspect them, and low and behold they have film in them already! The problem is that I don't know what it is, what speed it is, or how to process it. It says 3081 Kodak on the emulsion side, and there is a little triangle bitch and a smaller trapezoid notch. I'll see if I can upload a picture later. Any guesses what I'm dealing with?? Thanks in advance.

1-May-2014, 19:26

1-May-2014, 19:29
Have a look at this list to decode the notch codes on the edge of the film:


The numbers should also identify the type of film but the newest/oldest Kodak film list with numbers listed is 2004.

If you want to give developing it a try, use D76, stock for 7 min @ 68. That's the time for Tri-X and should be kind of close.

1-May-2014, 20:51
Awesome, thanks for the replys. I had no idea about those notch charts, what a great resource! It looks to be either vericolor III professional or vericolor print. I've accidentally sacrificed one sheet, but have 9 more. Sweet! Free film!