View Full Version : Do I have to trash this film?

1-May-2014, 08:53
I travel a lot for work and I recently started taking LF camera and film with me. Normally I have the unexposed box of film hand inspected by TSA, they do the swabbing thing and I am on my merry way. Today I had an overzealous guy insist that they needed to open the box to inspected and after a little back and forth his supervisor came over and said that all she needed to do was swab it like usual.

Today she also decided to wand the box with a magnetometer and the stupid box kept beeping so I finally said that it was ok to x ray it since the other option was to leave the film or have them open the box. First a little tid bit of information that I did not know, THE CORNERS OF THE ARISTA EDU 400 ULTRA BOX HAS METAL CORNERS!!!! so I ended up looking like and idiot and the box was x rayed.

My question is if I should just trash that film, should I shoot one sheet and develop it and assume that if that one is ok the rest will be OK or should I just use it and assume that TSA is telling the truth and that because it is ISO 400 it will not be affected by the x ray machine?

Thanks in advance.

1-May-2014, 08:59
It will probably be fine. I have sent film through airport scanners before and it was fine.

If you want to test it, develop one sheet from the top and one from the bottom. If they are both good, you are good.

1-May-2014, 09:00
Should be fine, but test a sheet.

1-May-2014, 09:01
it'll b fine. I always stick a 3200 asa or infrared film sticker on stuff in my carry on, or just tell them it's 3200asa regardless of what the boxes say. never had an issue other than them opening the boxes when I asked for a hand inspection. I yelled at an agent once, that got their attention!

Drew Wiley
1-May-2014, 09:51
What you DON'T want to do with these eastern Europe films is reuse the boxes to put exposed film in during a trip. Once the fresh film is pulled from the plastic inner
bag, it needs to go back in that. Don't trust the corners of the film box itself to keep light leaks out. I learned that the hard way. Not the same quality as Kodak or
Fuji or Ilford boxes.

Doremus Scudder
2-May-2014, 02:44
I've taken 4x5 320 Tri-X and TMY on many trips, with total scans through the hand-luggage scanner of six to eight times; never an ill effect. This has been throughout Europe and the U.S.

Don't worry! You could even fly a few more times with that film.



Tim Meisburger
2-May-2014, 04:07
Yes, but don't get confused. The hand carry scanners are usually fine, but the scanner for the checked bags will destroy your film every time. NEVER put undeveloped film in checked bags (I know from experience).

7-May-2014, 09:21
I had about 20-25 120 rolls of exposed HP5 and Delta 3200 on a MAC flight from Germany to upstate NY. Customs (if you want to call them that) did a cursory search of my bag, they didn't seem to care about anything except making sure that the pistol I was carrying was unloaded. They X-rayed it and even the rolls I pushed to 6400 and beyond were fine.