View Full Version : kowa graphic in copal 3s image circle?

28-Apr-2014, 10:32
Is there a chart that covers these?
305mm F9 and 360mm F9?

Oren Grad
28-Apr-2014, 10:59
It's a long story...


28-Apr-2014, 11:32
woah, what a mess.
So there is not a clear answer without holding the actual lens in hand and compiling all the data... brrr.

Lachlan 717
28-Apr-2014, 15:42
What format are you trying to cover?

FWIW, my 240mm KG covers 7x17. I've only just mounted it, so have only taken on shot with it. I haven't had time to get the loupe out to peruse its corners yet, but they look good to the naked eye...

It's the fixed version (i.e. won't be able to shutter mount it), but it's going to be used on my soon-to-be-completed 7x17" DIY with Sinar shutter.

28-Apr-2014, 15:49
I am not worried about exact IC, but rather if there is a way to tell if a specific lens will cover 11X14 (or more), but it seems there really isent without mounting and checking...