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28-Apr-2014, 09:34
I am trying to start using the BTZS methodology but I am running into a little trouble and I am looking for some help. I know that the system is supposed to be highly personalized to my particular development and equipment but I am willing to forgo the errors introduced by the difference between my development and others ( I am assuming that those differences are much smaller than my current errors because I am kind of just winging it).

I am trying to find a repository of WinPlotter files other than the ones that come with the software. I am actually trying to find curves for Arista Edu 400 Ultra developed in rodinal preferably 1:50.

I have chosen this combination because
-1 arista edu 400 is cheap.
- Rodinal gets mixed just before development and because I live in florida my tap water is usually warmer than 20 degrees so I can easly get to 20 degree tap water by adding cold water from my refrigerator. If the developer has been mixed before I will be warmer than 20 degrees and then I need to do Ice baths or adjust time for temperature.

I attempted to do my own testing but don't own a densitometer and using Vuescan's density functions I ended up with some really screwy curves that made no sense. I am hoping that someone has already done this work and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

I have asked Dr. Google but I can't find any reference to Arista Edu film curves.

Thanks in advance.


Jim Cole
29-Apr-2014, 17:00

I cannot help with the Arista 400, but I have the curves and .pfc file for the Arista 100 if you should decide to use that.

Hopefully, someone else can help with the 400.

29-Apr-2014, 21:04
Contact Fred at the View Camera Store or do one of their film tests.