View Full Version : Simple film dev Question

26-Apr-2014, 15:15
I plan on processing 3 4x5 sheets taco method, I just have a simple question, do i have to make any time changes to developer (Arista d-76) when I am processing more than one sheet at time? I have done one sheet at a time and it worked fine, just want to make sure I don't do anything wrong.

Tim Meisburger
26-Apr-2014, 16:35
No. Doesn't matter how many sheets as long as there is sufficient developer. The time remains the same.

27-Apr-2014, 05:03
and by sufficient developer you mean enough developer to fully submerge all the sheets?

N Dhananjay
27-Apr-2014, 05:53
Sufficient developer to submerge sheets completely and provide enough developer for the amount of film. I use a general rule of thumb that I require at least 250 ml of working strength solution for each sheet of 8x10 (80 sq. in.) or equivalent (4 sheets of 4x5 etc.). Cheers, DJ