View Full Version : Wollensak 210mm Raptar f/4.5 Front Thread Size ?

Rolfe Tessem
25-Apr-2014, 08:41
Does anybody happen to know what the front thread of this lens is? It appears to be 59 or 60mm. I know it is an oddball size, maybe a series thread?

Thanks for any help!


Jim Noel
25-Apr-2014, 09:13
If I remember correctly, even though it appears threaded, it actually isn't. This lens requires a slip-on adapter.

Rolfe Tessem
25-Apr-2014, 10:10
Jim, that's quite possible. There are threads there, but they are only a few mm deep.

EDIT: Just re-checked and Jim is correct, it appears to be threaded but isn't, so I'm now in search of a push on lens hood solution.

Jim Noel
25-Apr-2014, 15:10
Measure the outside diameter. Slip-ons are often listed on the auction sites, or go to an OLD camera Store.

Rolfe Tessem
25-Apr-2014, 15:27
Jim, thanks for the helpful advice.

I did visit the auction site and after several hundred non-applicable listings, found one that I think will work. Not much of a risk at $12.00, so we'll see :-).



Carsten Wolff
4-May-2014, 04:25
The drama with Wollies (and most other vintage glass)! Front thread sizes are often so...odd. They're neither made for, nor fit screw-in filters. I have many Wollensak lenses; most need filter adapters, save my 10" F6.something Series I, which is happy with my 43.5 to 52mm adapter. E.g. my otherwise wonderful 15" f5.6 has a 78.5mm thread, or thereabouts. I never found good adapters for my 104 and 159mm W.A. Raptars and in the end made nice (52mm) adapters myself. Generally though clearly e.g. S.K.Grimes territory if one doesn't want a clumsy/push-on solution. I sometimes wonder why no-one would have gotten around to producing proper metric, or Series (non-push-on rubbish*) adapter rings en-masse; all the scratchy ones I had were either wobbly, or exceedingly tight "solutions". These days the market seems of course a bit small.

*(yes, yes, some push/slip-on adapters are more than ok in practice; still...I'm not a fan)