View Full Version : Masking Film Alternative

Robert McBride
10-Oct-2004, 10:33
Has anyone tried to use x-ray film for the creation of masks? I was thinking of the single-side emulsion type such as Kodak SR45. Most radiography films are double-side emulsions for the additional speed. Single-sided films are used for high-resolution work. This material appears to be cheaper than orthochomatic films (how long will these be available?). The prices that I've seen for film would be around $75 for 100 14" x 17" sheets. Also, the film can be handled under safelight conditions which will help in the process of making the masks. Fuji, Agfa, and Kodak still manufacture x-ray films. The only problem that I see is the films are high contrast and the development will have to be adjusted for this.

Andre Noble
10-Oct-2004, 11:23
Honestly, why bother taking up your valuble time testing when masking film substitutes such as FP4+ and TMAX and recommendations how to use them are already out there?

Andrew O'Neill
10-Oct-2004, 14:50
How do you propose exposing this film?

Robert McBride
10-Oct-2004, 17:19
X-ray film is as sensitive to light as any photo paper or orthochromatic film. Years ago when I worked with industrial radiography we would make pinhole cameras out of empty film boxes. I wouldn’t use medical x-ray film because of its larger grain. When you’re shooting a person with high-energy photons, you have to have a very fast film. Specialized forms of industrial radiography use single-sided, slow speed films. All of these films are handled inside lightproof cassettes or under safe light conditions. I thought that the benefits would be the relative cost and the easier use under a safe light while making the masks.

Andre Noble
10-Oct-2004, 21:48
If you are masking for B&W it sounds like it might work, but you'll need to test with a step tablet, etc.