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23-Apr-2014, 10:36
Hi all -

I've spent the last month or so reading up on field cameras, monorails, as well as lenses in order to start a large format kit for my progression from MF to LF. I have mostly been using Mamiya 6/7 bodies and their superb optics, so I am looking to invest in an excellent 90mm and a 150mm for LF, as I am used to a 50mm (or 65) /80mm (or 90) on MF.

I recently acquired a Wista 45SP, as I decided that monorails would be too cumbersome for my genre of work. I selected the Wista due to its similarities to the Master Technika but without the high price tag of the Linhof brand. I also favour a metal field camera due to the (arguable) lack of precision and rigidity inherent to the Chamonix/Shen Hao/Tachihara wooden field cameras.

I am aware that Wista states the maximum rear lens barrel diameter of the 45SP/RF as 80mm. I have consulted the technical documents provided by Rodenstock for their Grandagon-N 90mm 4.5, which states an 88.5mm total length, 85mm push-on mount diameter, 98mm flange focal length and 70mm rear barrel diameter (copal #1).

Given that the 90 4.5's rear barrel diameter is 70mm, it should be okay? Does anyone have experience with this pairing? The 85mm push-on mount diameter somehow seems concerning to me. From what I understand, the 90mm 4.5 will not mount on the Wista recessed board (which is a particular sort of recessed board). Also, please note that I will be using a bag bellows with the 90mm so as to permit more flexibility compared to the standard bellows.

If anyone has some insights here, please let me know! As always, I appreciate the expertise of this forum (that I have been browsing for quite some time).

- Matthew
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Rodenstock Grandagon-N 90mm 4.5 technical info

Wista 45SP description (B&H)

Bob Salomon
23-Apr-2014, 10:45
We are the Wista and the Rodenstock distributor for the USA as well as the Linhof distributor. The 90mm 4.5 can be used on the SP but not on a recessed board. There are no Wista or Linhof recessed Technika 45 size lens boards with a 1 hole and unlike the 90mm 6.8 Grandagon-N or the Schneider 90mm lenses the 90mm 4.5 uses a 1 size shutter and not the 0 size the other lenses used. So a recessed board is not available for the 90mm 4.5.
The lens will work on the SP on a flat board but you will need the bag bellows for the SP with the lens. The necessary bellows is catalog number 214541. Be sure not to buy the version that only works with a special screw-in recessed board. That one will not work with this lens.

23-Apr-2014, 11:13
Thank you for your very prompt reply, Bob!

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