View Full Version : Does anyone know the flange focal length of a Komura 75mm?

Steve Goldstein
22-Apr-2014, 11:30
I recall reading that these are a retrofocus design and have a longer FFL than other 75s. I'm wondering whether the FFL is enough to allow its use on the Wanderlust. It would take at least 89mm for that...


22-Apr-2014, 16:37

I've got that lens and it is indeed a retrofocus type. I can't give you caliper-grade measurements, but the distance from the lens board to the film plane is around 105mm when focused at infinity. (I put it on my 4x5 just now and measured with a ruler.)

If you manage to get this combination to work I'd love to know. Popping the Komura on a Travelwide would be a great use for this lens which, for no particular reason, is one of the most under-utilized lenses in my bag.