View Full Version : focus shift on teles at portrait distances

Frank Petronio
10-Oct-2004, 05:28
Does anyone notice a focus shift on tele lenses at portrait distances? I'm thinking of using a 360mm TeleXenar for portraiture, but before I get it, will it shift between wide-open and stopping down? thanks

David A. Goldfarb
10-Oct-2004, 07:56
I have a 360 Tele-Xenar that I shoot with the rangefinder on a Tech V and haven't particularly noticed focus shift problems. I also have a 360 Tele-Arton, which is a sharper lens with bigger coverage (a little too sharp for portraits in my opinion), and haven't noticed focus shift on that one either, though I usually double check at the shooting aperture anyway when I can.

Jim Rice
12-Oct-2004, 18:00
Uh, Frank, is the ULF a thing of the past?

Frank Petronio
12-Oct-2004, 18:35
Yep, afraid so. To much BS and angry people emailing me - I see the wisdom in running a tighter ship like this forum (except for that nasty post a few month ago...)

Jim Rice
12-Oct-2004, 19:14
I understand, but I'll miss it.