View Full Version : 81B vs. Skylight Filter

Josh Divack
9-Oct-2004, 17:11
Hi all. Is there enough of a difference between an 81B (which I might purchase) and a skylight filter (which I have and is always on-lens) to warrant carrying both? Thanks.

Ed Eubanks
9-Oct-2004, 17:46
You'd be surprised at the darkness of the 81b filter-- much darker than I would think of when I think of a UV-oriented filter. If you're looking for a protector-type filter, don't get it! If you're looking for something more, it might be the one for you.

David A. Goldfarb
9-Oct-2004, 18:10
81B is visibly heavier than a skylight. It's handy to have a range of correction filters. I have 81A, B, and C, as well as KR 1.5, which is similar to 81A but more red than orange. I'm finding that I often prefer the KR1.5 to 81A when I just want the slightest bit of warmth as on an overcast day or with Astia, which is a bit cool, and I tend to use 81B or C for heavy shade, forest cover, or shade on an overcast day.